Rough Trade was started in 1978 by Geoff Travis, he had a small record label and a very cool record store/local hangout off Ladbroke Grove. I shot many of their bands including The Raincoats, Red Crayola and Stiff Little Fingers.

Now they have a huge store in Williamsburg and a new magazine. The cover story (above, featuring a great portrait by photographer Gudrun Georges) for their first issue is an interview with Vivien Goldman (who gave me my first job shooting a band, Siouxee and the Banshees in 1978) and myself. In fact it is more of a chat about how two friends grew up during the punk and hip hop eras and what we are up to today.

Time flies and Vivien and I are still great friends both involved in music and culture.


The Raincoats rehearsing in their London bathroom 1981


South London Kid 1979 for cover of Stiff Little Fingers single from ‘Inflammable Material’

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