Hip Hop


February 2017 started with a location shoot in East LA for LEVIS Urban. Really cool to work with this iconic brand, I’ve been wearing them since I rocked white Levis 501’s in the London punk days.

Team Epiphany asked me to collaborate on a project for G SHOCK. They sent 50 of my limited edition 1990’s street portraits to ‘tastemakers’ in a stylish box with the the new G-SHOCK DW5600BB watch.

BURBERRY of London’s September fashion show took place in a 18th Century building surrounded by the curated exhbition ‘Here We Are’ featuring some of my punk era photos. The show has since travelled to Hong Kong and Paris.

Amazing three day shoot in August for LEVIS worldwide on location in Jersey City and Bedford-Stuyvesant. We captured the real street feel of people that wear the brand. Can’t wait to see the campaign which launches Spring 2018.

Cult boot brand FIORENTINI & BAKER commissioned me to photograph ” The Extraordinary People who wear Fiorentini & Baker”. This is an ongoing series of portraits capturing some  of the creative talented people who wear their boots, including Jose James (Jazz Musician),  Cey Adams (Artist), DJ Misbehavior  and more.

GUCCI & DAPPER DAN will show my photos of Sparky D and Salt ‘n’ Pepa wearing clothing designed by Dapper Dan at their new atelier opening January 2018 in Harlem


Wonderful  to participate in the ‘Fem- is -in’ exhbition curated by Alice Mizrachi in March. The  group show celebrated women-led activism and art and featured some of my all time favorite women artists Jane Dickson, Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, Queen Andrea. I showed six portraits of strong women including the portrait of British artist RayBLK (shot for Interview) used on the invite.

In May the Musée d’Art Contemporain in Marseille exhibited some of my classic hip hop photographs in ‘Hip Hop : The Golden Age 1970-1995’. This great show had record attendance. Hip Hop is huge in France.

At the same time Arts Westchester’s show “From The Streets” opened featuring some of my portraits of graffiti/ street artists from contemporary artist Sydney G James shot in Detroit 2016 to the 1985 photo of Keith Haring..

In January 2017 I started working with legendary screen printer Gary Lichtenstein on a series of silk screen prints featuring my photographs of LL Cool J, Chuck D, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Salt ‘n Pepa, and Run DMC. We made a series of  limited edition large prints and a box set of six 11×14″ prints. When the 212 Gallery  exhibition of these prints opened in November Fox 5 New York evening news aired a two part documentary piece about me focusing on hip hop and punk photographs. The screen prints were also shown at Art Basel Miami in December.


Finally in mid December great to be one of 240 artists worldwide asked to be part of the creation of a collaborative piece of art for the 30th anniversary of the Musee ‘d’Arabe in Paris. The theme is ‘An Open eye on the Arab World’. My art used images I shot in Montpelier and Lille during the spring  hip hop tour.




Photographing Joey Bada$$ in Bushwick. He was totally cool, we drove around in the car from the Mad Max movie looking at locations, lots of good industrial spots to shoot, locals coming up to talk to him. Great new album.


A day in Harlem photographing the rapper Salomon for Interview Magazine. We catch the 1 train uptown, styled by Melissa Levy, Salomon is wearing Prada. Later on 118th street he rocks it in Comme de Garcons with shorts and sneakers. Ladies coming up to him to say he looks ‘fine’.


In London, late November, to photograph Ray BLK for Interview Magazine. I love her soulful hit “My Hood” (f. Stormzy). She’s a South London girl singing about her hood, we photographed her in Brixton on the street outside the fried chicken chain Morley’s that she mentions on the album Durt. 

Ray captures the tough realities of inner city life, and is passionate about Black Lives Matter : “everything that’s going on is too crazy to ignore, and I feel like any time you see an injustice, if you don’t speak up you’re a part of the problem”




Ghetto Gastro Bronx

Photographed the Ghetto Gastro crew outside a local deli in the Bronx for Interview Magazine. Ghetto Gastro’s core crew is Jon Gray, a Bronx native and ringleader of Ghetto Gastro, Lester Walker, who grew up with Gray in Co-Op City, and trained as a chef; Malcolm Livingston II, a pastry chef from the Bronxdale Houses and Eastchester; and Pierre Serrao, 28, a chef who trained in Italy. “We form like Voltron—everybody has their own specialty” They are bringing ‘Boogie Down Bronx’ style to the culinary arts. fusing high and low culture and cuisine.




Bronx graffiti


Wall opposite the old Bronx courthouse is a timeline of hand style signatures from 1960’s to present day.

Tribe Called Quest release limited edition 45’s box set


I ran into Jarobi from Tribe Called Quest at Streetbird, chef Marcus Samuelsson’s latest spot in Harlem, a few weeks ago. Heard that they are releasing a limited edition box set of 45’s to commemorate the’Tribe’ 25th anniversary of the 1990 debut “People’s Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm”. Fun, funky and infectious songs: I Left My Wallet In El Segundo” and “Can I Kick It”,  social messages: “Push It Along” and “Pubic Enemy”  and much more soul and jazz inflected, great beats.

 Above is my photo of ‘Tribe’, with Jarobi’s little brother taken in 1990, at Chelsea Flower Market which was the closest we could get in NYC to a tropical vibe. Love their afrocentric style mixed with true hip hop vibe.  Yes I am still a big fan. You can catch Jarobi hosting down at Mobile Mondays! December 14  for the official release party after 10pm.




My great friend Marco in Paris emailed me today : “I did this painting today with the help of my crew ( Grim Team ) helping me out on place de la Republique! Its Paris motto : float don’t sink! “.

I was in Paris with him in January weeks after the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ bombings and in April for a show at the Musee d’Arabe. It’s a beautiful city with so much heart and soul. It will rise above this shit again. Art fights senseless violence and destruction.


Paris January 2015

Stretch & Bobbito


Went to see the Stretch & Bobbito movie in Harlem and take a photo of the legendary duo.

The Stretch and Bobbito Show started on WKCR-FM (Columbia University’s student radio) in 1990 and ran for eight years. They introduced the world to unsigned artists such as Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Big Pun, Jay Z and Eminem. The late-night program had a cult following everyone from music lovers to guys in prison tuning in for the offbeat humor, interviews and the exclusive tunes.

Bobbito says that he realized while making the film : “300 million-plus records have been sold by the unsigned artists that came to our show. The first time I added it up, I was like, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Those huge celebrity musicians all turned up to be on screen for this movie, showing love and respect for Stretch and Bob and the radio show changed music forever.

Their movie Stretch and Bobbito: Radio that Changed Lives is a must see for any hip hop music lover. It will make you happy.