Dre Dre & Dillon Cooper

This month Interview Magazine features my photo of new ‘young blood’ rapper Dillon Cooper (above) wearing Alexander Wang and Nike. shot in NYC December 2013. Dillon age 21 grew up in Crown Heights Brooklyn. He immersed himself in hip-hop in High School learning how to rap to Dr Dre’s classic ‘Nuthin’but a ‘G’ Thang’. Now part of the ‘Beast Coast’ movement he self released a debut mix tape “Cozmik’ last June.

Esquire Magazine, this month, is running my archive photo of Dr Dre (below) wearing a Raiders cap Nike top and K Swiss sneakers, shot in Los Angeles in 1990. He’s been listening to music for as long as he can remember. His mother has a picture of him in a onesie putting a needle to a turntable. He says “You can learn but in order to be good at it, to be really great at it, it has to be in you” Dr Dre now 48 years old,  is a rapper, producer and headphone magnate.

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