Baracuta Harrington Jacket

I am a big fan of the Harrington – always wanted a red one – had a blue one  – left it at some concert.  The Harrington jacket was worn by most everyone, punks, mods, skins, ska kids, in the UK. I photographed The Specials on the ‘Seaside Tour’ in 1980 – Jerry Dammers, a very stylish bloke, was wearing a red Harrington  jacket.

The first-ever Harrington jacket was created by Baracuta founders and brothers, John & Isaac Miller in 1937. The G9 earned the nickname Harrington because it was worn by the character Rodney Harrington (played by Ryan ONeal) in the 1960s television programme Peyton Place.

Baracuta showed some some of my photos at their fashion show in Florence last week. Two of my favorite DJ’s were playing Norman Jay and Giles Peterson, I’ve been listening to their  mixes for years. Just goes to show as always : Fashion and Music go hand in hand.

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