Quality Mending, the Jam fans & Bob’s Big Boy

In 1936 Bob Wian sold his DeSoto Roadster to start a diner in California The inspiration for the name ‘Bob’s Big Boy’, and model for its mascot, was six year old Richard Woodruff  who walked into the diner as the owner was trying to figure out what to call  his new hamburger. Wian said, “Hello, Big Boy” to the kid. The rest is history. It became a nationwide franchise and in some areas a biker hangout.

The Quality Mending Company on Prince St has a gang of the BBB dolls for sale – each franchise made it’s own doll, some were darker skinned black BBB guys, some were chunkier, some had lighter hair, but they are all have that same grin.

Oliver, the owner of Quality mending Company, has collected some of the best American vintage clothing in NYC. He collaborates with artists decorate the store’s outside wall the on Elizabeth St – I was lucky to have him make a huge mural of my photo of  Jam fans one summer.

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