Concert Artists Guild

The Concert Artists Guild celebrated it’s 60th anniversary last week with a concert at WQXR in NYC. Sarah Wolfson (below) sang a piece from Kurt Weill that was just amazing. I have been photographing their classical musicians for a few years. Everyone from Phylis Chen who plays classical music on toy pianos,  the violinist Michi Wiancko and  her indie rock alter ego Kono MIchi, classical pianist and snow boarder Alpin Hong (above), Jenny Koh with her  Stradivarius on Delancy St and Sebastian Baverstam who played cello for me on a street in the East Village. Rock on CAG.

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  1. Laura Lewis says:

    Janette, I remember a few of those photo shoots… great talents (photographer and musicians) coming together for a brief moment in history. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. ROCK ON JB!!

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