I shot this photo of NWA outside their recording studio Torrance, CA in 1990 for a book called ‘Rap Portraits & Lyrics of a Generation of Black Rockers’. The co author and writer was my friend Bill Adler.

The photo will be in a museum exhibit in New Hampshire opening in the fall.  Asked to record an audio description for the exhibit – I described the shot as being of a ‘band called NWA aka Niggaz With Attitude who had released a song called ‘Fuck tha Police ..’ and tell the story of how I flagged down a. LAPD cop car to get the photo.

In these politically conscious times I have been asked to remove the ‘N’ and the ‘F’ word from my audio – ‘in an effort to avoid potentially making visitors feel uncomfortable’ ,  and re-record without identifying what NWA stands for, explaining the song rather than provide the title.

That seems to miss the point of NWA’s documentary realism of the song and the album  ‘Straight Outta Compton’. I somehow don’t think Eazy E would have approved. The song is one of Rolling Stones’ 500 Best of all Times.

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  1. SeBiArt says:

    Bravo! What’s up with the new rules of watering down, editing out, or covering up WHAT IS, and worse WHAT WAS???!!! Isn’t that like rewriting history? These guys are the fathers of gangsta rap and were revolutionary in their ownership of the real reports of life in the hood. They remain historically relevant for this single reason alone – for offering the oral storytelling of a culture in a particular time. So…the discomfort is good, it’s a sign of engagement. Or so I see it anyway…

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