My Uncle

My uncle Morris Beckman is still writing books on his typewriter at the tender age of 90. I went to visit him on ‘Poppy Day’ Remembrance Sunday. He was in the Merchant Navy during WW2 and returned to London to fight the fascists on the streets in the East End.

His wife Patricia Lennard was the fashion editor at the Evening Standard during the 1960’s – she also wrote for the iconic mag Nova and British Vogue.

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  1. Josie says:

    Hi Janette, I am interning at Phoenix Magazine and was given the task of writng up your interview transcript. I found it all very interesting (espcialy Bill Cunningham) so was led to look up your blog, and by chance, your second picture really caught my attention- Your uncle’s wife, Patricia Lennard. I am doing an MA in Fashion Journalism and at present I am doind some research on Nova Magazine. If there is any chance you would be able to put me in contact with Patricia Lennard, or even pass on some questions, I would be eternally gratful. Forgive me for writing this directly on your comments, my email function on my mac does not allow me to contact you in the way provided!
    Many Thanks, and Best wishes,

  2. These are such beautiful photographs.

  3. Simon Assaf says:

    Hi Janette,
    Unite Against Fascism’s Unity Magazine is running an interview with Morris Beckman for its summer issue. Can we use the picture of your uncle and aunt (we would need a high res version).

    Many thanks
    Simon Assaf

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