“There isn’t a piece of Hip-Hop history that Janette Beckman hasn’t touched with her camera. More than a photographer, Beckman captures moments; her use of light and found art is legendary and rarely does anyone bring grittiness to still pictures the way she does.”     Life&Times (Jay-Z blog)

“Hip-Hop? She Won’t Stop Janette’s photographs capture what she calls “the godfathers and godmothers of hip-hop” in their element. Today they are gems, but back then they were simply snapshots of a lifestyle and movement Ms Beckman said she was lucky to get swept into.”   New York Times Lens Blog

“Whether shooting music, fashion, portraiture, or documentary work, Beckman’s commitment to celebrating cutting-edge culture has made her one of the most important photographers of our time”  BUST Magazine

“Janette loves rebels with a cause and without. Subcultures who have made their lasting impression on the world as voices of a generation. From the 60’s, Mod to Punk to Hip Hop to the Gangs of East LA, Janette has captured what feels like a lifetime of emerging cultural movements and icons.”     FLATT Magazine

“Janette Beckman’s lens somehow always seems to always capture the intersection of gritty and cool Regardless of who her subject is, Janette seems to find the honesty as well as the style in people.”                                                                                                                                                                                 LA Weekly

“Janette’s a mind reader, showing us images of all the cool stuff we wanna see. Her work is one OH-SHIT! after the next”              Adrock (Beastie Boys)


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