Salt n Pepa

On a hot summer’s day in 1986  I was taking photos of a new group called Salt n Pepa for a British magazine called Sky. Salt n Pepa were like sisters, funny, cool girls from Queens wearing big gold earrings, chains and fake Louis Vuitton bags. It was their first ever photo shoot and we spent the day hanging out on Avenue C, on the Lower East Side. After that I met Hurby ‘Love Bug’ Azor. their manager, he asked me to shoot their album cover. A year later they had a new look and were the first girls to sport kente cloth hats, leather baseball jackets, spandex and gold dookie rope chains.

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  1. Dominick R says:

    Ms Beckman, the 1st photo is a classic priceless gem. Summer ’86 was my best summer ever and none since has topped it. I remember when Cheryl and Sandy first came out with Showstoppa the year before. Then I heard “My mic sounds nice” in ’86 and I was like I gotta get that album. To see old photos of them back then reminds me of the kind of girls I saw at the mall or around my stepbrother’s neighborhood where I hung out that summer. Thank you for saving this picture. Salt n Pepa rule!!

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