New Kids New Edition

Diggin’ in those crates again with Sean Corcoran from Museum of City of New York, preparing for the ‘HipHop Revolution’ exhibition.  I came across these old polaroids amongst the HipHop photos.

New Kids on the Block are touring again – I took this photo of them for 17 Magazine in the mid eighties when they were the pin up idols of their teen generation. Discovered by Maurice Starr they sold over 80 million records worldwide. Donny Wahlberg ( the older brother of Mark Wahlberg) became an actor/ producer currently in the TV series ‘Blue Blood’. Check the message on the photo ” Betcha didn’t know that we rap”

And talking about the NEW- I shot this photo of New Edition in Boston for the cover for the single ‘Candy Girl’ in 1983. Maurice Starr had discovered them too, he loved the ‘Michael Jackson’ like high voice of Ralph Tresvant. British journalist PaoloHewitt interviewed them during the shoot and said “Some people say you sound like Michael Jackson..”  The band replied ” That’s OK cos we know we aint” . The young Bobby Brown was a lead singer in the group.

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